Police Headquarters dressed in transparency (045)

Glass: lightness, transparency; that is the message the façade of this police headquarters building wants to give. And it achieves to do it even though the façade is nor light, neither transparent. Resorting to the horizontal serigraphy combined with the thin eaves projecting shadow over the façade contributes an image of dynamism typical of an inhabited interior. If we take a deeper look we will see the glass is quite reflective and the eaves are randomly distributed even in the opaque area of the façade.


Direcció General de Seguretat Ciutadana - Comissaria Mossos les Corts

Travessera de les Corts, 319
08029 Barcelona Barcelona

Year of construction
Weight of the entire facade
Finishing material
Supporting element

Ph1-2: EZZA - Ignacio Sánchez Zárate

Ph3-7: Cristina Pardal