Profiled metal sheets for the free design of continuous enclosures (029)


Buildings with curved geometries, where there is no distinction between façade and roof, find a great ally in metal sheets profiled in situ. This technology allows the creation of tight enclosures suitable for fixing any finishing element without making any hole in the tight enclosure. That is to say, the systems admits that, when the building is finished, it can be dressed to get the image the architect wants with a new added layer that, unfortunately, does not fulfill any of the functions of the enclosure.

The profiled in situ metal sheet, on the one hand, avoids having transverse joints by allowing making trays the same length as the enclosure. On the other hand, the geometry of the tray offers a ribbed surface where to anchor, by means of clamps and therefore without perforating the metal sheet, any finish.

Both Mangera Yvars in The Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies and Renzo Piano in the Santander branch of the Botín Foundation resort to this solution already announced by Herzog & de Meuron between the years 2001-07 in the Caixa Forum of Madrid but in a flat-geometry enclosure.