Blurring the window limits (053)

As rapidly as it has spread may disappear this resource to the double skin facade where the outer glass is patterned with a white serigraphy that gradually dilutes as it gets closer to the vision areas. It is an easy resource to blur the openings limits. An opening that, in the case of this hotel in London, is perfectly well defined over the wall in the interior skin. This resource looks back on the effect that traditional interior thin white curtains have, except for the important nuance that the curtain is practicable and allows to cover or not the openings with a very efficient light diffuser. In this hotel the outer glass skin is actually a "curtain" hanging from the upper slab but its lack of functional effectiveness obliged to add a real curtain in the inside.

W London Hotel

Facade Consultancy: 
10 Wardour Street
United Kingdom
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Cristina Pardal

Ph1, Ph2: Hufton & Crow

Ph5: W Hotel website