Post-truth in architecture? (044)

The unfinished Plaza Europa project rises from a contradiction. The objective was to provide the city of Barcelona with a more representative entrance from the airport, with towers that look like being of tertiary use. And we say “look like” as the program of many of those towers was in fact residential. This contradiction justifies the façade solution adopted in these towers. While the exterior glazed façade - a stick curtain wall – gives the answer to the tertiary image; an inside brick enclosure, typical of conventional construction, defines an interior elevation more suitable for residential uses. Unfortunately the outer skin, although with a glazed finish, does not intend to take advantage of the possibilities that the glass + camera + mass combination could provide for thermal effects as a Trombe wall.

Plaza Europa Barcelona residential towers

Plaza Europa 1 a 25
08908 L'Hospitalet Barcelona

Year of construction
Weight of the entire facade
Finishing material
Supporting element

Ph1, Ph3-9: Cristina Pardal

Ph2: Alonso y Balaguer arquitectes associats